The Common Problems Faced by Black Americans

When there is slavery, you cannot expect freedom, similarly, where there is freedom, there cannot be any form of slavery. Abraham Lincoln the former President of the United States was a vocal opponent of slavery. frocentric.comHe gave many awakening speeches against the discriminations of black immigrants and African Americans and fought for their equal rights as well. Although the anti-slavery activism and movement started decades ago, yet they are still in practice.

A survey shows that the imprisonment rate for African American female is twice than that of white females. In addition, they have 6% high risks of getting imprisoned and also their period of servicing behind the jail is also longer. This is not the statistic report of the past rather with improvised modern America.  In order to bring awareness of these problems, many organizations and event marketplaces like often conduct awakening events that deal with the problems and challenges faced by the black communities, their achievements in the society, their role in various industries and many more.

Some of the problems faced by black American and African Americans

  • Fatherless child – One of the major problems faced by the black communities is the children raised in frocentric.comthe absence of a father. These children lack the sense of discipline and protection which only a father can provide. So, the children raised under these conditions are often lacking confidence and hesitant to boldly face the society.
  • False narratives of the community – When you think about black, the immediate things that come in your mind is they are tough and rude personalities. Even when people migrate to different places, they don’t prefer living in the midst of the black community because of the horrible narratives they have heard before about them. In fact, many of them are narratives are not true.

Yael Eckstein, Daughter of Deceased President Takes Over as New IFCJ President

The concept of charity was broadened by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ). The Fellowship progressed under prominent leadership of its founder Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, who was supported by her daughter Yael and George W. Mamo. The IFCJ was unfortunate to bear the loss of Rabbi Eckstein who passed away recently in February this year. The sudden death of its founder and long-time President was a gap for IFCJ that couldn’t be plugged easily, but loss of Rabbi Eckstein was a shock for Jews who were supported by the charity of Eckstein.Yael Eckstein

Death of president of IFCJ

Time never stops, and someone who is sent to this planet to perform some duties never remains forever. Everyone has to face this truth some day because death never waits. The organization never suffers, if it has found a competent successor. The IFCJ was shocked after the sudden demise of its President, but the erstwhile President had left a successor, her daughter Yael Eckstein, who was competent to plug the gap created by the death of her father.

Yael, the successor of erstwhile IFCJ president

Yael Eckstein is qualified and had been associated with her father in the past on many charity projects of IFCJ. She also inherits the traits of her father. Rabbi Eckstein was a philanthropist and same trait is present in his daughter Yael also has many other traits like her father, though some time is required to her to take on the legacy of her father. Yael is an influential woman as evident from her credentials. She was named “One of Israel’s 100 Most Influential Women” by Makor Rishon in 2014.Yael Eckstein

Yael, the new president of IFCJ

Yael Eckstein held top positions such as senior vice president, global executive vice president, and director of program development and ministry outreach. She has already taken over as the President of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, and oversees all ministry programs and serves as the international spokesperson for the organization.


Wonderful Endeavours of Yael Eckstein

Yael Eckstein is an eminent name in the world today. She is a woman of substance who has transformed many perspectives.

BiographyYael Eckstein

She is the daughter of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. She saw the light of the day in the state of Evanston, Illinois.

Interestingly, she is well-educated and has a number of degrees. She is well-versed in subjects like Biblical Studies, Jewish and Sociology Studies.

Spectacular endeavours

Yael Eckstein happens to be the president of the International Fellowship of Christian and Jews.Being a president of the Fellowship, she looks into all the ministry programs and serves as the international spokesperson.

 Fundraising, marketing and maintaining donor relations are her major priorities. Her organization aims to educate the Christian youth. It also talks about the importance of Israel.

She has given expert advice on the Jewish Christian relations. Moreover, she is also a social service professional and a renowned writer.

She has also contributed to the Jerusalem Post and The Times of Israel. She has written two books namely Holy Land Reflections: A Collection of Inspirational Insights from Israel and Spiritual Cooking with Yael.

Moreover, she has spoken at international events about religious persecution in the Middle East. She has also served on a Religious Liberty Panel in Washington DC.Yael Eckstein

She plans to take the philanthropic empire of her father ahead and make a mark in the world. She eulogized her father by calling him a rebel with a cause.

She has widely spoken about the various aspects of the Jewish faith.  Moreover, she has been one of the most influential and powerful women of Israel.

To sum it up, Yael Eckstein has carved out a niche for herself by contributing to the society. Her tremendous knowledge on Jewish faith is fascinating. She has carried forward her father’s legacy and has highlighted the importance of Israel.

The Historical Journey of Bookspan from Book of the Month in Blake Orlandi’s Words

In a recent interview we had Blake Orlandi recall the historical journey of Bookspan from Book of the Month club.

What is Book of the Month club?

In the year 1926, Harry Scherman founded Book of the Month club – a subscription based website to get your hands on the premium collection of novels and fictions. Once subscribed, a user would get a box of five books every month during the duration of the subscription.

What led Harry to create Book of the Month club?

Harry started his careers as a copywriter for a famous advertising agency – Walter Thompson. It was only in 1916, that he along with his partners conceptualized the “Little Leather Library”. As Blake Orlandi recollects, this new library had the concept of selling the best 30 books of the time for only $2.98.

With the huge success of Little Leather Library selling over 40 million books in the first five years, Scherman along with his partners founded their own advertising agency for marketing books.

It was the crucial problem of accumulating interest in a new book, that pushed Scherman and his partners to conceptualize and bring into existence the “Book of the Month” club.

The journey from Book of the Month club to Bookspan

The club started with 4000 subscribers and in the next twenty years, the number of subscribers grew up to 550,000 subscribers. In 1977, the Time Inc. acquired the Book of the Month club and in 1989, Blake Orlandi remembers, the club to merge with Warner Communications. The final merging of the Book of the Month Club, Inc. with Doubleday Direct, Inc. happened in the year 2000, leading to the formation of Bookspan – a joint venture between Bertelsmann and Time Warner before Bertelsmann completely took over the ownership.

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Thus these added features to the websites of booking hotels are the means to increase the number of followers and gain popularity. This additional features saves time and money for the people who lacks knowledge about the places and needs to attend various places in short time. Its the quality of service provided by which has helped them to hold the clients to their site.

Unveiling the Bitter Truth of Charities

What’s the truth about the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ)? The Fellowship got global name and fame, and its founder Rabbi Eckstein also got lot of publicity on international level. Many Christians believe that Rabbi Eckstein is a Messianic Jew. As an orthodox rabbi, Eckstein has love for Jews, but does this love makes him a Messianic Jew. This is probably not true. Most people are of the view that Rabbi Eckstein isn’t messianic, and his fellowship is not a Christian organization, though giving to non-Christian charities is not a wrong act.IFCJ

The reality of IFCJ

Many well-to-do Christians donate money to IFCJ, but they donate in the name of Rabbi Eckstein as they have seen Eckstein’s infomercials that make influence how Eckstein had been helping Russian and Ethiopian Jews return to Israel. The Fellowship fetched massive donations but in the name of Eckstein, He ruled the Fellowship for long 35 years since founding until his death, and held apex position as President during all these years. He drew hefty sums from the Fellowship in the form of remuneration. That was price for his personality that appealed people, especially Christians for donation. There seems to be injustice with donors’ money somewhere.IFCJ

The Fellowship is not an exclusion, but like other charities

There should be no disagreement that people should be cautious before making donations to any charity. IFCJ is not an exclusion because many things of the Fellowship are comparable to other charities that are established either for scams or for self-use of donors’ money. The Fellowship’s profile is impressive and the profile of its executives such as Rabbi Eckstein is also impressive, but this is not all important for donors. They should have right to know where their donations are going. Do their donations are fully used for the benefits of needy people or community? This is important that must be understood as a donor.

Try Best System of Online Hotel Reservation

What’s exactly a hotel reservation system and why it’s so important for hotels?  It is a complex software tool that schedules the dates and length of stay for guests as well as takes payment from them. This system enables prospective guest to select their rooms and make reservation for these rooms online on the hotel’s site. The system has few other features that customers can use to avail more benefits of this system. Hotel reservation system is must for every hotel these days, regardless of its size.

Reservations.comWhy online reservation is must for every hotel

If you want to run a hotel successfully, your hotel must be able to attract more guests. Most guest don’t know about presence of your hotel. They may come to your hotel, if someone recommends. They may not know the facilities available in your hotel, if details of these facilities can’t be accessed online. So, capturing large number of guests won’t be easy without online presence. One of the ways hotels make their online presence is through social media, but this channel is not as good for reservations as other channels. Most people don’t even trust on social media for making transactions and entering their personal details.

Why people use hotel reservation apps

Most guests will prefer to use a system of hotel reservation that is secured and they have a guarantee of booking on this system. For this, they will prefer to make online reservation on the hotel’s site. But there is a better alternative to use, and that is an app or engine specially designed for reservation of any hotel across the globe. You can try or try any other app like this. You can compare the results by using different apps at different times. All popular apps are reliable and secures, and used by large number of travelers every hour of the day. You can also try anyone and enjoy benefits of online hotel reservation.

John Lippmann creates a platform for the members to enjoy reading online!

The members associated with the club are concerned about getting the books that can add value. It is the ideal approach adopted which would add voices and has the limits of its own. The best books are available online from the BOMC. John Lippmann takes the opportunity to showcase of the idealistic books that are the tradition of literature. You would identify the angry and harsh aspects which is said to be an essential aspect of the culture.

It is the platform that gives assess to different books for the bookworms and make sure that the readers have a world-class experience. The Book of the Month has been renewed and re-launched recently which is exclusively available online for the readers.

Members are inspiration to club!

The members associated with the club have a tone which is highly emotional and warm-hearted. The members would look for the uplifting stories as well as the inspirational one. They are concerned about collecting stories from people that would reflect the challenges of lives.

The love stories that are accessible among the people would allow taking up the challenges in lives. It is important to accomplish the goal of the company. John Lippman is ready to shift the members associated with the club to the other section so that it becomes easy to build up the new BOMC which would online exist online.

Read the books online

The customers can possibly take the advantage of owning the membership offers through different social media channels and can facilitate the online orders. The club is responsible for identifying the main objective and allow readers to identify new books and stories. It is essential that the customer experience something that is completely redesigned.

John Lippmann would create a promising situation for the club members and make sure to offer the exciting opportunities.

From an Old Book Club to the Jazzy New Online Club

The legacy of the Book of the Month Club that was launched in mid 1920s is a big one. The club that started with some very creative and novel ideas was started by Harry Scherman and was aimed for the middle class people who did not have much access to books and didn’t know what to read. They all would go to the new book club and read books by new authors including Ernest Hemingway. The Book of the Month Club later became a big name in the publishing industry and had about a million members with the collection including history books, cookbooks, art reproductions and records.

The fall of the old club

The Book of the Month Club saw a collapse due to being ignored by its later owners who were all corporate biggies and also due to rise of Amazon that finally led to the demise of the club in 2015. It was at this time that John Lippman an entrepreneur with experience in music rights industry bought interest in this club and decided to revamp the club to make it creative and relevant again.


Re-launching the club with a change in the Business Model

The business model was streamlined by John Lippman and re-launched by end of 2015. The club went on a digital platform and the new business model that makes the members pick any of 5 hardcover books with fees just $14.99 every month took popularity. Thus the old book club turned into a new age subscription service that was digital and social at the same time

John Lippman formed the new club is as per the new demographic and aims at the Instagram generation which is a core part of BOTMs marketing. The Instagram page has about 300,000 followers who are introduced to the new pictures of the titles that are available. This has helped bring many teenagers and millennial back to reading and discussion books.


Roberto Casula – Driving Force of Eni Spa in Asian and African Nations

Eni Spa is an oil and gas multinational company that generated a revenue of 76.94 billion euro and is the 10th largest company globally in this sector. One of the most influential characters in this organization is Roberto Casula. He started his journey by being a simple reservoir engineer before climbing the success ladder with time.

roberto casulaEducation and start of a professional career

He was born in Cagliari, Italy in 1962. He completed his mining engineering program in 1988 after he cleared the state board exam for becoming a professional engineer. After completing his degree, he sought a position at Agip Spa which is now known as Eni Spa. He started his career with this firm as a reservoir engineer until the year 1991.

He joined Agip Angola Ltd, which is a subsidiary of this organization. Headquarters of this subsidiary was situated in Luanda. Here he held positions as chief development and Petroleum engineer apart from reservoir engineer. Roberto Casula worked at this place for 5 years, before returning to Italy in 1997.

Eni Spa’s project and development coordinator

He assumed the role of project and development coordinator at Eni Spa when he returned in 1997. He performed this role flawlessly until the year 2000. His primary task at this position was to deal withRoberto Casula numerous business and operational activities that were associated with West African and Middle/Central Asian nations. In three years time, he gained massive experience which led him to become the Technical Services’ Project Manager.

In later stages of 2014, he became the chief development, operations, and technology officer at Eni Spa. He was one of the most significant driving force for the company in Middle East, Central Asia, and African continent. Hence, the organization recognized the talent of Roberto Casula and kept promoting him and higher ranks and offered additional responsibilities that led him to have a successful career.

Why the ratings given to IFCJ matter?

With the advent of Internet technology, it has become quite easy for people to pick the right product and choose the right company to avail the service. The charity organizations are no exemption from it. The donors who want to do some or take part in philanthropic activities are going through the reviews that are left by the people who have already done the charity work or worked with the charitable organization to gain clear insights about their style of working. IFCJ ratingsBy going through the reviews, one can decide whether or not to fund the charity organization. After all, everyone wants their money to serve the purpose. There are a few organizations which are giving rating to the charities. Based on the IFCJ ratings, the donors with kind heard can choose the right charity to donate whatever they can.

The ratings of IFCJ matter a lot. The IFCJ ratings that are given by the third party, independent and charitable review and the information sites of donors will give clear and trustworthy information to the prospective donors who are planning to donate to the firm. This also provides information about the financial health of the charitable organization. In addition, one can learn whether or not the firm is registered with the government and the amount they are donating is tax exempted or not. There are a myriad of sites that would rate the charities. IFCJ ratingsThere include – CharityWatch, CharityNavigator, GiveWell and so on. There is a set criteria on which the ratings are given to the Charities by these organizations.

IFCJ would take the financial liability and good stewardship of the funds donated by the donors. They believe that transparency is the key way to show how gifts are best used to serve the Jews and Israel people across the globe.

IFCJ ratings matter a lot to the donors. They want to know how this charitable organization is functioning and whether the funds transferred are used properly or not.

How to Save Money When You Are Booking the Hotels for Holiday?  

Everything is getting expanded on a global scale in the present times. Different organizations and companies are also not far behind. Travelling around the world has therefore become more of a vocation rather than a vacation. Whenever people are travelling outside, they need to get hold of accommodations to suit their needs. These needs include both monetary as well as time spent in the travels. Different needs are required to be looked after for different people. You need to keep certain things in mind, at least while booking your hotel rooms in order to get the best deals.

Reservations.comChoose the best time

In any sphere of life, timing plays a really crucial part when you try to achieve something. You should not be going out to book tickets for your holiday in the middle of the peak season. You need to keep checking for deals from qua very early point of time. You will not get rooms at affordable prices, if you go out to book them in the last moment. You must plan your travels at a time between the peak and the lull phase. The weather conditions during that time also needs to be fair.

Comparing deals

Most of the people today, go off to the big agencies to get the hotel as well as other bookings done. This is because, these agencies are highly trusted in nature. Reservations.comThere are lots of agencies which provide you with seasonal discounts as well as other amenities. Like, there are many other sites that provide with a plethora of features.

Less prominent locales

Hotels located bang in the middle of tourist attractions, are usually very costly in nature. If you choose to settle down in a place which is walking distance from the attraction, then you will be avoiding unnecessary crowds as well as get rooms at a cheaper price.

IFCJ Ratings and the Factors Which Influence It

You might be thinking what can ratings do to a concern? Why we have to think much about the matters of indulging in good feedback? It is of much importance when you considering a society which has acclaimed international figures. IFCJ is fellowship program where the main aim of the society is to help the people in need. This has substantially increased their IFCJ ratings.

IFCJ ratingsWhat is main aim of the fellowship program?

The fellowship program has the main criteria to help the Jews who have taken refuge in Israel. They had taken shelter in 1990s when they escaped from Soviet Union states. The society aims to build up  ties between the Christians and Jews who are deprived of the basic needs.

The society aims to provide international help and support to the Jews and Christians. In the pioneering years, the founder started to collect money through television statements, seminars and public awareness. The IFCJ ratings has always aimed to develop the committee by gathering the public support.

Why the society is so important in these days?

IFCJ ratingsThe position of Jews is not up to the mark. But the wealthy Christians have always reached to help these Jews in need. They help them with money, support and everything necessary in daily life. They have come up with this initiative to help erradicate poverty in Jews and follow the footsteps of rabbi. The main aim of Yechiel Eckstein is to help the people especially the Jews and Christians who are in earnest need of money.

Now the society and the adjoining fellowship is flourishing under the leadership of the daughter of rabbi. Yale Eckstein have turned out to be a great leader and controller of huge mob. His leadership qualities and the ability to control the huge sections of society has helped increase the IFCJ ratings.

All you need to know about Partzilla shipping

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What makes the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews so famous?

There are so many organisations nowadays working for the welfare of human being. Organisations are mainly non-profitable and they can go to any extent to bring relief to the needy. IFCJ reviewsOrganisation help people in many ways such as helping poor people who don’t have anything to eat or people who have nothing to wear or people with disabilities, certain incurable diseases, people abused physically, racially and religiously, such organisations or institution are non-profitable and they aim towards only one goal i.e. peace across nation, people with healthy life style , welfare of people, improve relationships between certain caste or religion for future generation to prosper collectively and support religious tolerance. IFCJ reviews, A good example of such organisation is the IFCJ also known as International Fellowship of Christians and Jews as the name suggest it us an organisation which helps in improving relation between to castes namely Jew and Christianity, they aim to bring understanding. For the purpose of promoting understanding and respect among the two caste Christians and Jews and also in constructing huge support for Israel. IFCJ reviewsIFCJ reviews, it was named International Fellowship of Christians and Jews was founded in 1983.

Over many years and in the past, this organisation has been chief head in Christian- Jewish relationship, constructing support or bridges of kindness, generosity, consideration, charity that has influenced religious understanding and cooperation between people of these two eminent caste or religion Christianity and Jewish . IFCJ reviews, this organisation has greatly helped thousands and thousands of Jews from penury, hardships and race snobbery and return to their native place or homeland. This organisation also provides with fund assistance to many people that has improved the living condition of thousands and millions of Jews living in Israel.

How to Plan a Vacation – Travel Guide

Planning a trip can be overwhelming and time-consuming. However, for some individuals, planning a vacation turn out to be a favorite hobby and these people have the potential to make even the simplest vacation as more seamless and wonderful. Apparently, not all have the same kind of skills or afford surplus time and thinking to make good plans.

Nevertheless, travel services like are indeed a great boon for the travellers who can make your travel even more better than a well-formatted calendar with flight and dinner reservations. However, when you want to make things yourself here is the travel guide.

Ultimate Guide for planning your trip

Determine your travel style– Some people loves to explore places by foot whereas for some, vacation are meant to sit along the beachside and relax. So determine what kind of travel style you prefer for your upcoming vacation, then start with finding the travel destination.

Finding a travel destination– Many times, you exactly don’t know where you want to go. Scour pictures on websites that looks incredible and provides accessibility to reach without much hassles if you are going as a family along with kids.

Planning an accommodation– When you are looking for accommodations, you should have some idea about the cool neighborhoods near the hotel or bed & breakfast or apartments you intend to book. See for the pictures of the rooms, read the reviews and make a well-informed decision.

Budget for travel – When you are planning a trip, create a trip budget and estimate the expenses. Always plan your trip atleast three months ahead. If you run short of your budget, give up small luxuries on everyday life to put towards travel.


Make a well-estimate plan of your trip and make your vacation more enjoyable.

Wealth Needs Happiness Together

Development Simultaneously

Every country and community wants to achieve the progression, as per the working and trading capacities of the economy. This was well explained by Yael Eckstein, taking all the communities together for the better results in the development of all the sectors of the country. She tried to raise the concept of equality, among the existing groups and people. That would act as an eye opener for them and result in the all-around growth, in future also. She never favored any specific community growth, instead offered remedies to all of the participants in the society.

Yael Eckstein

Enhanced Experience

With the efforts and plannings implemented by Yael Eckstein, the scenario and the condition of the Jewish community have changed a lot. That has brought unexpected changes, in the stream of growth. As the changes were never expected by someone, who was not into the active system of the communities. She is the President of the International Fellowship of Christians And Jews, who worked beyond her limits to make a difference in the lives of the weak and suffering communities. She has taken her father’s dream forward and worked with more enthusiasm and energy, continuously.

Yael Eckstein has presented her thought process and opinion, in front of the world through international conferences and programs. That offered her an unbeatable platform to present her views and the reality, which is happening with the stressed communities.Yael Eckstein

She not only raised her voice to make people aware but also raised a lot of donations and financial support for the groups who are in urgent need of economical sources to meet their day to day requirements. Her level of work can easily be measured with the fact, that people from across the globe started doing charity for the cause she specified publicly.

The Qualities You Must Have In Order To Do Social Service!

There is no doubt in the fact that you can choose from multiple jobs. But many of you often choose a job that helps to please your soul. And these jobs mostly involve in helping others. There is no doubt in the fact that Yael Ecksteinwhen it comes to helping others you, you are doing a social service. But then again when it comes to doing social service do you know that how many types of the same are present?

There are multiple types of social services you can take after. But when you are doing social service there are few qualities that must reflect in you! Just like that of Yael Eckstein you must learn to instil these qualities in yourself. The qualities will help you understand more about social service.

So, what are these qualities?

Following are some of the most important qualities you must have if you want to do social service:

  • A kind heart:

It might sound illogical but a kind heart is one of the premium qualities any person involved in social services must have in the first place. You might think that obviously it is one of the very first reasons whyYael Eckstein the person in social service is there. But understand the importance of opening your heart to all kind of people. If you can do that only then you will consider yourself to have a big open heart. People like Yael Eckstein have big hearts.

  • A logical brain:

When you are doing social service you are doing it for a special cause. You are doing it so that people in problems can come out of the same without any hassle. But then again without a logical brain people can easily take your advantage. It is one of the major things that you must prohibit. If you don’t chances are you may end up doing something wrong.

These are some of the most important qualities you must have for yourself. If you want to know about more qualities you must follow people like Yael Eckstein.

The Best Tips to Find the Best Online Hotel Reservations

Are you planning a holiday with your loved ones? Are you looking for a really good place to stay in? If so, then the best way to go about it to find some online reservations. It is needless to say how convenient it is to do so, with the availability and flexibility of the internet and all. But if you are someone new in this game, here are some of the best tips that can help you find a good hotel to stay in.

  1. Find and

It is important that you search and browse for all the different options available for you to seek out. There are a huge number of them available on the internet but not everyone has the resourcefulness to see them all out. Do take some time on your own behalf to find everything that you can and compare them with each other. Only then should you make a final decision regarding what you wish to settle on.

  1. Look for Reviews

If going to a hotel for the first time, you should have a clear idea about the services that they provide. The best way to do so is through word of mouth from someone else who is already experienced in this regard. Reservations.comUser reviews are what you want to check given they are written by people who have stayed there. If you like what you are reading, then there is no reason you should not go ahead and make that booking for yourself.

  1. Offers and Discounts

Last but not the least, you should also be aware of the fact that there are plenty of offers and discounts available out there for you to take advantage of. All it takes is a little bit of searching and you will land on one that fits your bills. Check out if you want some fantastic offers for your holiday trips.

Play Domino QQ on A Trusted Site & Enjoy Its Exclusive Features

Domino qq is one of the best options in real money online poker in modern times. Many people love poker play, but most poker players give preference to Domino qq. One of the reasons for this choice is Domino qq terpercaya. Most online poker agents offer special bonuses to play these games, but Domino qq is more Why Would You Love to Play Online Domino QQ Poker?attractive due to its exclusive features. this game is offered on top gambling sites. The sites that offer Domino qq are usually trusted sites. Domino qq offers greater playing options. What people most like in Domino qq is absolutely fair and safe play.

What for Domino qq is trusted

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Domino qq features

Let’s have a look at some features that you can find in an Indonesian Domino qq; more convenience, fast Why Would You Love to Play Online Domino QQ Poker?paced, wide game selection, multi-table options, no distractions at table, online bonus codes, ability to take notes on opponents, rake back, and participation in the huge tournaments are the features you can find in any trusted Domino qq site. This is a kind of high-end experience when you play online poker. This causes an enhancement in your enjoyment and thrill of online gambling. The enhanced chance of win makes more excitement.