Titanium Tubing: Why You Need To Use Titanium For Your Pipes And Tubes?

The sheer combination of properties of Titanium, make it unique in nature. The modulus for elasticity is low for this one. Thus it is quite stable to use and has quite a high ratio of strength to density. Thus the flexible nature of Titanium, makes it possible to use it in different field works as well as in shops., titanium pipe there has properties similar to those of nickel or other alloys. Titanium itself can be bent as well as drawn into specific shapes very easily. once cold forming has been done on it, it does not require any more annealing to it.

Types of titanium

There are some industry standard sizes in which titanium tube and titanium pipes are available in markets. One can subject titanium tubes and pipes to testing similar to what is done on stainless steel ones. Eddy currents as well as ultrasonic testing provide really satisfying results.



There are many grades of titanium alloys as well as pure titanium used for making the tubes and pipes. The welded tubes are used for making condensers as well as heat exchangers. The titanium tube made up of Grade 2 titanium, can really be considered to be a major player. It is suitable for application in a wide variety of fields.

Increasing strength

High graded titanium is used for making corrosion resistant as well as high strength products. There are lots of independent fabricators in the market who can produce customized products for you. Complete pipe based systems are made by these people using latest developments in engineering and designing.

Costs involved

Titanium is a really competitive option over steel or other such alloys. Many people find titanium more attractive from an economical point of view. The titanium pipe, therefor has a lot of demand in the industry.