Importance of Calcium Supplementation for Pregnant & Breastfeeding Women

Bone health is a crucial issue because bones provide support to complete body. We normally use the term “backbone” for strength which means bone itself is an important factor for strength. The bone strength is reduced when bone becomes weak or there’s a bone loss. A specific bone density is responsible for bone strength. This strength is equally important in men as well as women. Osteoporosis (osteoporose in Danish) is a bone disease which affects bone strength. This disease usually affects after age of 50 in both men and women. The women who had pregnancy in their life and breastfed their infants have more risk of osteoporosis.

Calcium need for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Why symptoms of occurrence of osteoporosis or osteoporosetratar are more common in women who have had pregnancy and breastfed their infants? The pregnant mothers are recommended an extra intake of calcium during pregnancy and breastfeeding because calcium requirement during this stage is enhanced for both mother and infant. This requirement is met by taking supplements which gynecologists recommend. This problem is commonly seen in underdeveloped nations where pregnant and breastfeeding women don’t get enriched diet. Calcium supplements boost calcium content in conditions when calcium requirement can’t be met with a normal diet.

Calcium supplementation need during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Deficiency of calcium can result in weak bones of women who have had pregnancy in their lifetime or breastfed their infants which is a major cause of osteoporosis. Calcium supplements are necessary for mother and infant’s strong health. Supplementation is not exactly tratamento osteoporose for these women, but it is as good as a treatment by fulfilling suggested calcium requirement. The woman’s body place additional demand of calcium during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This demand is immediate and can’t be deferred at a future date. Taking right supplementation at crucial juncture of pregnancy and breastfeeding can support bone health and can prevent osteoporosis at a later age. This elaborates the importance of calcium supplementation for pregnant and breastfeeding women