Death of a Visionary Man Rabbi Eckstein

Taking in the religion of Christianity and Judaism (followed by Jews) it is very important to know the difference between the two religions. And why did it diverge.

Judaism is the religion followed by the Jews and it is the parent of both Christianity and Islam. Yes, you heard it right.

Judaism proclaims that there is only one God who is the creator and the ruler of the Universe. It is believed that there are laws, Torah which if followed by the Jews can lead to prosperity and peace.

Yechiel Eckstein was a Rabbi, a teacher of Torah in Judaism who was the founder of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ). IFCJ worked for decades to improve the relationship between the two faiths and raised huge revenues for the projects in the Holy Land.


Yechiel Eckstein

He was an ultimate visionary and commonly called as the Rabbi Eckstein or Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. The IFCJ reviews were always reaching its height since its inception. For the last decade or so based on the data of the FY2017 it is recorded to have 100% transparency and accountability.

The overall rating has always reached somewhere around 4 star over decades. The noble initiative to bridge the gap between the two most influential religions has led to greater understanding and cooperation amongst the members of these two faiths. It seems to be a miracle which has taken place by sheer hard work and perseverance of a visionary Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein whose sudden death at the age of 67 is truly disheartening.

What After Death?

However his vision will always remain rock solid and will always be executed by the IFCJ. Even after his demise the ray of light will always keep glowing and one day the divergence among the two religions will surely converge.

Let’s keep our faith, in IFCJ and it’s mission and contribute to the purpose.

Metamorphosis in Traditional Techniques of Cardiac Surgery

Surgery is a major area in the field of medical science. The surgeries are broadly classified into minor and major, but surgeries in major category have more relevance in terms of techniques and after-effects. All medical specialists are not qualified to perform surgical procedures because this is an area of specialization, and a specialist in this field holds a post-graduate degree in medicine and practical training, and experience to conduct surgeries independently, though a team of assisting medical staff is always available during a surgical procedure.

Cardiac surgery

Cardiac surgery is one of the key areas of specialization in the field of surgery. Cardiac surgery refers to surgery of heart which is one of the important and sensitive organs in the body. The function of heart can’t be stopped for a surgical procedure, but cardiologists made several successful attempts of open-heart surgery.

Breakthroughs in cardiac surgery

Roberto Casula

The eras of 19th and 20th centuries have been quite significant for cardiologists. The specialists in cardiac surgery, or referred to as cardiovascular, achieved tremendous success since late 19th century. Daniel Hale William, a black surgeon performed first successful American open-heart surgery in 1893 and Christian Bernard, a renowned South African surgeon, successfully performed first heart transplant in 1974.

Current scenario of cardiac surgery

Today, many cardiologists across the globe like Roberto Casula are successfully performing robotic and minimally invasive heart surgeries. In countries like US, UK, and most other parts of European Union and Asian continent, cardiologists have made multiple open-heart surgeries and heart transplants.

Many advanced techniques have been developed to perform cardiovascular surgery. Robotic hands have replaced surgical hands. The advanced techniques have replaced metallic and ceramic surgical knives by laser knife. An adult cardiac surgery is not as complex as traditional cardiac surgery and a patient needn’t have to stay in the hospital for many days. A recovery is quite faster compared to that in traditional surgery.

Get a Better Society to Live In With Pure Air to Breathe As Per Roberto Casula  

For the dealing in these energies, it is to be kept in mind that, the various oil refineries which produce huge amounts of oil and supply them to different countries altogether is deemed to go out of order in a few decades due to the rapid and over-exploitation of the ground resources.

Why does energy require to be cleansed?

There have been various campaigns in the market where people have had protested for the change in the global climate due to the heavy use of these non-renewable sources of energy like petroleum, diesel and coal and various other forms of energy.

This is where the implications and the help of Roberto casula come to play. With the new and innovative thinking, people working under him ha come up with an idea where the use of such kind of petrochemical products can actually cause less damage to the society and the world at large.

The idea of cleansing the earth off pollutantsRoberto Casula eni

The idea of providing a cleaner environment has had been provided by many but this has been made practically possible as Roberto casula promises to provide all the people worldwide a cleaner, cheaper and comparatively less damaging energy resource. Studying and working under a mining industry, he has been able to come up with a solution where he can refine the various resources further to produce a more sustainable form of energy resource for the people at large.

Main motif for Roberto casula Eni regarding energy purity

The main motive behind such innovation is that the overall temperature of the earth is increasing day by day. Due to the rapid increase in temperature, global warming occurs. With the more refined products available in hand, the people will not be able to produce many pollutants which are the sole components for global warming.

Roberto casula Eni has started to bring this kind of energy in the market very soon and has also been looking forward to the reaction of the public and the user dependability of the same worldwide.

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