Open Heart Surgery Versus Minimally Invasive Surgery

You concern is genuine when a surgeon suggests cardiac surgery for your loved one. This is a complex surgical procedure that carries a risk of fatality. This was the scenario of heart surgery long time back, but new procedures and use of technology advancements have changed minds of people about heart surgery. The advent of minimally invasive surgery has eliminated the fear of cardiac surgery. People have welcomed initially bypass surgery, but great welcome was offered to a minimally invasive technique. Though you doctor is the best judge to decide right course of action, yet a cardiac surgeon like Roberto Casula always makes preference to minimally invasive surgery.roberto casula

Open-heart surgery vs minimally invasive surgery

Why minimally invasive surgery is preferred? In open-heart surgery, a 6-8-inch incision is made in the chest to perform surgical cardiac procedure. The opening of heart provides access to a heart and its related structures. The heart may not be opened, but a heart-lung machine does the work of heart during entire surgical procedure. Minimally invasive surgery requires one or more button-size holes through ribs to access the heart and to perform the surgical procedure. Dr. Roberto Casula has performed over 135 minimally invasive cardiac surgeries including robotic cardiac surgeries. The success rate is very high in this procedure.roberto casula

Which is best: Open heart surgery or minimally invasive surgery

Why Dr. Roberto Casula prefers minimally invasive surgery? consider aspects such as pain, infection risk, hospital stay, recovery time, and scarring after surgery. Everything is greatly reduced in minimally invasive surgery compared to open-heart surgery. Robotic surgery is most advanced form of minimally invasive surgery, but all minimally invasive surgeries are not robotic. It is for the cardio surgeon to decide which minimal invasive procedure is appropriate for a patient, but this technique is definitely effective for coronary bypass, valve surgery and aneurysm repair. The benefits of minimally invasive surgery can’t be ignored. This technique will definitely help thousands of heart patients needing surgical treatment.

How Roberto Casula Advices Youngsters To Pursue Their Dreams?

When it comes to entrepreneurship, there are plenty of things that one has to understand before being able to succeed in this field. After all, there is just so much at stake most of the times, it can be real unforgiving for newbies.

If you too are an aspiring entrepreneur and want to make it big someday, then you are in luck for it is none other than Roberto casula from ENI S.p.A. here to give you some advice. So how do you go about this ‘little’ dream of yours in a realistic way?roberto casula eni

Do not think, just do

It is exactly as the heading suggests. More often than not, people are simply stuck in a never ending loop of thinking they will do something rather than just doing it. This is not to say you shouldn’t analyse a situation thoroughly before going into it balls deep. But make sure that you can move forward when the time comes to do so.

Don’t stop being curious

Another extremely important aspect of any successful person is that they are very curious by nature. The more curious you are, the more you will get to learn. This is what drives them to begin with. Keep in mind however that just wanting to know something is not enough either.

You would actually need to go around knowing it too. Otherwise, what is the purpose of it all? Mr. Roberto casula eni says that this is the gateway to actual knowledge in any field of work, no matter the kind of work it really is.roberto casula eni

Don’t stagnant

Another important thing that people often seem to forget is that stagnation can eventually lead to being completely dormant. This is never a good thing if you want to expand. In order to do that, you must keep changing with your environment and adapt.

About The IFCJ program – Isaiah 58

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews was founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein in the year 1983. They have been part of several helpful projects over the many years of their work to alleviate the hardships faced by Jews all over the world, which has answered a frequent question: Is IFCJ a good charity? These programs have helped IFCJ ratings to be very high. In 2018 the IFCJ rating, as given by the Charity Navigator was three stars.


One such project created by the IFCJ to help the many poverty stricken people living in the states of the former Soviet Union is the Isaiah 58 project. This project is named after the fifty-eighth chapter of the Book of Isaiah in the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament of the Christian Bible.

While doing its job in the former Soviet Union, IFCJ reviews showed that thousands of elderly Soviet Jews lived in shocking poverty. Many were seriously ill, and could not afford medicine. The hardships faced by the orphaned and abandoned children were also dangerous. They were living either on the streets, or in difficult conditions in state-run orphanages.

Isaiah 58 is a charitable project which helps in the process of assisting impoverished elderly Jews and orphaned and abandoned children in the former Soviet Union by providing them with several basic resources like food, clothing, housing, and other necessities which are needed for their survival.ifcj

This is supervised by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. They provides general meals, food packages, meals-on-wheels, home care, medical care and assistance, fuel for heating, clothing, and other basic essentials to more than 200,000 destitute elderly Soviet Jews, and gives Jewish orphans and unprotected street children in the former Soviet Union the necessary treatment they require to survive and to prepare them for a brighter and successful future.

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Who Exactly Does The IFCJ Help And What Is Their Objective?

Rabbi Eckstein’s non-profit organization, the IFCJ ratings have shown that the organization has been helping out a wide array of population in need of helping hands. The organization primarily helps out the following:

Holocaust SurvivorsIs IFCJ a good charity

At present from amongst the millions of Jews who had survived the deadly holocaust, many still lives in poverty and in a grief-stricken state. Rabbi Eckstein’s organization reaches out to those in need, and provides them with shelter, food and gives them a new direction towards lives. Many of the survivors live solely by depending on pensions. Some of them find it extremely difficult to buy foods everyday and other daily essentials to keep living.

A special thanks to Rabbi’s Organization for helping out all the vulnerable souls all throughout Israel and Soviet Union. Good IFCJ rating is the result of tireless working to help the needy with proper food, shelter and mental support. Through programs such as Isaiah 58 and Guardians of Israel, IFCJ has made sure that the basic needs of the needy are satisfied.

OrphansIs IFCJ a good charity

In the IFCJ reviews, it was shown that thousands of Jewish children who lived in poverty or are homeless and orphaned have now been given proper shelter. During to the shifting focus of Israel government on investing big on projects of Defense, many children are left unmet. Guardians of Israel’s program ministry which is a propaganda of the Fellowship took a note of this issue and have helped out these homeless children.

Poor Elderly

Is IFCJ a good charity? Wells their action speaks in volume. There is an alarmingly very high number of Unmet Elderly Jewish survivors who are well below the poverty lines. The situation of Israel is such that the government is forced to spend big for protect the border of the country. As a result, there is a lack of basic provision and wealth for the common citizens. The Isaiah 58, program of the Fellowship looks after their people and safeguards them time to time.

Real Meaning of Charity & Influencing People for This Cause

We hear too much about charity. Jewish charity is considered on the top. There are popular stories of Jewish charity. The organizations set up for charity are for non-profit because these organizations work for benevolent cause and not for profits. The receipts made in these organizations are not sales revenues but donations that people make without consideration. Charity is not selling but rendering of services and the people who render service have no self motive for profits. This is something about charity we all know.

IFCJ reviews Real meaning of charity

Rabbinic writings have provided great insight into the society’s problems. Charity is not just a financial assistance, as misconstrued, but lot more. There are internationally acclaimed Jewish writers like rabbi Yechiel Eckstein who have elaborated society’s problem. He wrote about suicide in Judaism in his classic work the Arukh HaShulchan. Some writings talk about abortion. Both suicide and abortion are murder in Judaism and Christianity. The motives of these writings are clear, to create awareness among people in the society. Yechiel Eckstein was quite explicit in explaining things to the society.

Influencing people for charityIFCJ reviews

There are more rabbis like rabbi Eckstein who guide people in the right direction so that people can live peaceful life. One of the disturbing factors in life is money which is essential need of life.  People usually commit suicide when they fail to earn bread for their family. Some rabbis like Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein of Israel work for these people. Rabbi Eckstein, founder and head of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), passed away recently, but raised over one billion dollars in donation for Israel, most of them were evangelical Christians. Read IFCJ reviews to know more. Everyone is not so powerful to influence people of some other community or religion to make donations for a different community or religion. The Eckstein’s life is a morale for everyone who has undistributed wealth which can fulfil needs of several others.

Everything you need to know about IFCJ

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews or better known as IFCJ, is famous for its charities and efforts to help people in need. Founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eskstein in the year of 1983, the IFCJ review speaks about its various efforts to help the holocaust survivors, orphans, children, families, the elderly, victims of war and terror, the soldiers and their families. Therefore, in the starkness of the realities of human life, the IFCJ is a soothing sight.

There are a number of programs which have been undertaken by them that answers all the questions raised that “Is IFCJ a good charity?” Some of these programs are as follows:

  • Guardians of Israel

Amid the terror stricken country of Israel IFCJI is working tirelessly to help the people. They provide medical care, shelter, food and other form of aid to help the people of Israel. The Fellowship has worked for the renovation and upgradation of the bomb shelters to protect the citizen from war and terrorist attacks. This is one of the major programs which has raised IFCJ ratings.

  • Isaiah 58

This program of The Fellowship is focused on the Jews residing in the Former Soviet Union. The IFCJ has worked extensively with them to provide them with the required resources, be it food, shelter, medical aid or anything else that they might need. They have also helped build a safe and secure network of homes for children throughout the country.

  • The Food and Medicine Lifeline

The Food and Medicine Lifeline in the country is probably another program which has boosted the IFCJ rating. The program spans over 4 years with an annual amount pledged of around $13 million. The program is worth $52 million, and will help the elderly Jews and the Holocaust survivors living in the Former Soviet Union.