Everything you need to know about IFCJ

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews or better known as IFCJ, is famous for its charities and efforts to help people in need. Founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eskstein in the year of 1983, the IFCJ review speaks about its various efforts to help the holocaust survivors, orphans, children, families, the elderly, victims of war and terror, the soldiers and their families. Therefore, in the starkness of the realities of human life, the IFCJ is a soothing sight.

There are a number of programs which have been undertaken by them that answers all the questions raised that “Is IFCJ a good charity?” Some of these programs are as follows:

  • Guardians of Israel

Amid the terror stricken country of Israel IFCJI is working tirelessly to help the people. They provide medical care, shelter, food and other form of aid to help the people of Israel. The Fellowship has worked for the renovation and upgradation of the bomb shelters to protect the citizen from war and terrorist attacks. This is one of the major programs which has raised IFCJ ratings.

  • Isaiah 58

This program of The Fellowship is focused on the Jews residing in the Former Soviet Union. The IFCJ has worked extensively with them to provide them with the required resources, be it food, shelter, medical aid or anything else that they might need. They have also helped build a safe and secure network of homes for children throughout the country.

  • The Food and Medicine Lifeline

The Food and Medicine Lifeline in the country is probably another program which has boosted the IFCJ rating. The program spans over 4 years with an annual amount pledged of around $13 million. The program is worth $52 million, and will help the elderly Jews and the Holocaust survivors living in the Former Soviet Union.