Real Meaning of Charity & Influencing People for This Cause

We hear too much about charity. Jewish charity is considered on the top. There are popular stories of Jewish charity. The organizations set up for charity are for non-profit because these organizations work for benevolent cause and not for profits. The receipts made in these organizations are not sales revenues but donations that people make without consideration. Charity is not selling but rendering of services and the people who render service have no self motive for profits. This is something about charity we all know.

IFCJ reviews Real meaning of charity

Rabbinic writings have provided great insight into the society’s problems. Charity is not just a financial assistance, as misconstrued, but lot more. There are internationally acclaimed Jewish writers like rabbi Yechiel Eckstein who have elaborated society’s problem. He wrote about suicide in Judaism in his classic work the Arukh HaShulchan. Some writings talk about abortion. Both suicide and abortion are murder in Judaism and Christianity. The motives of these writings are clear, to create awareness among people in the society. Yechiel Eckstein was quite explicit in explaining things to the society.

Influencing people for charityIFCJ reviews

There are more rabbis like rabbi Eckstein who guide people in the right direction so that people can live peaceful life. One of the disturbing factors in life is money which is essential need of life.  People usually commit suicide when they fail to earn bread for their family. Some rabbis like Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein of Israel work for these people. Rabbi Eckstein, founder and head of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), passed away recently, but raised over one billion dollars in donation for Israel, most of them were evangelical Christians. Read IFCJ reviews to know more. Everyone is not so powerful to influence people of some other community or religion to make donations for a different community or religion. The Eckstein’s life is a morale for everyone who has undistributed wealth which can fulfil needs of several others.