Who Exactly Does The IFCJ Help And What Is Their Objective?

Rabbi Eckstein’s non-profit organization, the IFCJ ratings have shown that the organization has been helping out a wide array of population in need of helping hands. The organization primarily helps out the following:

Holocaust SurvivorsIs IFCJ a good charity

At present from amongst the millions of Jews who had survived the deadly holocaust, many still lives in poverty and in a grief-stricken state. Rabbi Eckstein’s organization reaches out to those in need, and provides them with shelter, food and gives them a new direction towards lives. Many of the survivors live solely by depending on pensions. Some of them find it extremely difficult to buy foods everyday and other daily essentials to keep living.

A special thanks to Rabbi’s Organization for helping out all the vulnerable souls all throughout Israel and Soviet Union. Good IFCJ rating is the result of tireless working to help the needy with proper food, shelter and mental support. Through programs such as Isaiah 58 and Guardians of Israel, IFCJ has made sure that the basic needs of the needy are satisfied.

OrphansIs IFCJ a good charity

In the IFCJ reviews, it was shown that thousands of Jewish children who lived in poverty or are homeless and orphaned have now been given proper shelter. During to the shifting focus of Israel government on investing big on projects of Defense, many children are left unmet. Guardians of Israel’s program ministry which is a propaganda of the Fellowship took a note of this issue and have helped out these homeless children.

Poor Elderly

Is IFCJ a good charity? Wells their action speaks in volume. There is an alarmingly very high number of Unmet Elderly Jewish survivors who are well below the poverty lines. The situation of Israel is such that the government is forced to spend big for protect the border of the country. As a result, there is a lack of basic provision and wealth for the common citizens. The Isaiah 58, program of the Fellowship looks after their people and safeguards them time to time.