Rabbi Epstein Bagged Enough Appreciation For His Great Deeds And As A Charity Worker

Rabbi Yechiel Epstein was also tribute by the prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu after his death towards his flawless support and limitless work for the Israelis and creating an imperishable bond between Israel and Christian communities.

Rabbi Epstein did countless help to the poor and elder Jews of the post-soviet states and was successful to bring a great change in their lives. They were among the poorest Jews Yechiel Epstein understood their grief and personally went to visit them.

He imparted the message that “human suffering is unacceptable. We must reshape the world’. He was with them in their loneliness, distress and sang with them out of what he felt for them. Is IFCJ a good charity or not is proved by its contribution every year towards the people of Israel with IFCJ rating in the finance sector is 79.75 out of 100 according to the year of 2018.IFCJ ratings

Donations received by the organization

Before Yechiel Epstein some Jewish peoples of evangelical Christianity of the United States, a small population by the leaders of few Jewish people nominal amount of donations used to come from them.

Different people used to send their wages, savings to him for his great initiative which increased IFCJ ratings more; he was successful in removing the stain that was all over in the name of faith in between to relationships. He was close to some of the evangelical leaders. Many jews people also criticised Epstein opposing his deeds and in forming IFCJ accusing him of playing with morals of jews while involving Christians for money.

People bore Rabbi Epstein in their hearts for his selfless service

Among many of his initiatives, one that touched many people and gave him huge success was the campaign of “on wings of eagles” whose main objective was bringing Jews to Israel from former Soviet republics. IFCJ ratings

Other remarkable initiatives from mutual economic support include helping newly arrived Ethiopian Jews in Israel, people who could not bear shelter, cooking essentials, heat and other life-sustaining essentials, he extended his hands to students who were unable to attend school and the hospitals running out of basic equipment for treatment. He was an unknown force for the Jewish people in distress. In IFCJ reviews people recognised it as a great mission.

How The Organizations For The Jews Get Very High IFCJ Ratings?

IFCJ at present is a world famous organization that caters to the needs of the needy Jews from all over the world. The Jews residing in Israel are not the only ones suffering from different issues.

There are lots of other people from different corners of the world, who suffer similarly. Different flagship Is IFCJ a good charityprograms of the IFCJ are therefore present in order to look after these situations. For example, there are lots of elderly Jews in the Soviet who live in really poor conditions. Owing to their poverty, they cannot even afford buying medicines. The Isaiah 58 program looks after these Jews.

Problems of children

There are hundreds of abandoned or orphaned children that live on in the land of the Soviets. It is really critical to look after these children. These children are often seen to live in the streets in unspeakable conditions. There is of course some state run orphanages that take in the children, but these are often not run properly. Going through the IFCJ reviews, you will find that the organization through its programs is working tirelessly to give these children an identity and a place in the society.

Different help provided

When you are on the lookout for the IFCJ rating, you need to also see how the programs of the organization Is IFCJ a good charityare helping the people. The program different kinds of facilities such as food, housing as well as the very important medical care. The safety of the Jews is completely in the hands of this organization so you already know the answer to Is IFCJ a good charity?

Fulfilling all needs

In accordance to the Isaiah program, the Biblical mandate is being fulfilled by IFCJ. The IFCJ ratings are therefore quite good for this organization. The work being done by them is really God’s work and brings the Christians and the Jews together.