Guardian programs of IFCJ

Guardians program

            IFCJ is the well known organization in the world. It is well known for its ways of bringing the community at a higher level. The organization had started with the purpose of building bridge between the Christians and Jews. There are number of Christians donating in the organization for the welfare of Jews. IFCJ ratingsThe organization makes sure to offers the people with food and medicines needed. They have helped the under protected areas with the food and equipments.

            There are number of programs run by organization. People ask is IFCJ a good charity? The answer is yes and it can be checked with IFCJ reviews. People have reviewed the organization and also the government have confirmed that the organization have been helpful to the country in the times of crisis. The major programs run by organization as per the IFCJ ratings is guardian programs. IFCJ ratingsThe main purpose of eth programs is to serve the needs of eth poorest Israel citizens and that remains at priority. With the help of these programs they have served hundred of people in Israel and offered them with basic necessities.


            The organization is actively involved in more than 200 cities of Israel by offering them shelter, food, clothing, medicines, emergency funds and more. There are 20% of population in Israel which is below the poverty line and the government is not able to serve them. But IFCJ rating says that they are able to serve government. The security needs are also offered to the poor citizen’s through these programs. Another popular program is wings of eagles and it is assisting the needy Jews in immigrating to Israel from 25 countries. They are been realized to live in their homeland with all the rights. They have offered with eth resettlement assistance by offering job training, housing, financial assistance so that they can become productive citizens of country.