From an Old Book Club to the Jazzy New Online Club

The legacy of the Book of the Month Club that was launched in mid 1920s is a big one. The club that started with some very creative and novel ideas was started by Harry Scherman and was aimed for the middle class people who did not have much access to books and didn’t know what to read. They all would go to the new book club and read books by new authors including Ernest Hemingway. The Book of the Month Club later became a big name in the publishing industry and had about a million members with the collection including history books, cookbooks, art reproductions and records.

The fall of the old club

The Book of the Month Club saw a collapse due to being ignored by its later owners who were all corporate biggies and also due to rise of Amazon that finally led to the demise of the club in 2015. It was at this time that John Lippman an entrepreneur with experience in music rights industry bought interest in this club and decided to revamp the club to make it creative and relevant again.


Re-launching the club with a change in the Business Model

The business model was streamlined by John Lippman and re-launched by end of 2015. The club went on a digital platform and the new business model that makes the members pick any of 5 hardcover books with fees just $14.99 every month took popularity. Thus the old book club turned into a new age subscription service that was digital and social at the same time

John Lippman formed the new club is as per the new demographic and aims at the Instagram generation which is a core part of BOTMs marketing. The Instagram page has about 300,000 followers who are introduced to the new pictures of the titles that are available. This has helped bring many teenagers and millennial back to reading and discussion books.


Roberto Casula – Driving Force of Eni Spa in Asian and African Nations

Eni Spa is an oil and gas multinational company that generated a revenue of 76.94 billion euro and is the 10th largest company globally in this sector. One of the most influential characters in this organization is Roberto Casula. He started his journey by being a simple reservoir engineer before climbing the success ladder with time.

roberto casulaEducation and start of a professional career

He was born in Cagliari, Italy in 1962. He completed his mining engineering program in 1988 after he cleared the state board exam for becoming a professional engineer. After completing his degree, he sought a position at Agip Spa which is now known as Eni Spa. He started his career with this firm as a reservoir engineer until the year 1991.

He joined Agip Angola Ltd, which is a subsidiary of this organization. Headquarters of this subsidiary was situated in Luanda. Here he held positions as chief development and Petroleum engineer apart from reservoir engineer. Roberto Casula worked at this place for 5 years, before returning to Italy in 1997.

Eni Spa’s project and development coordinator

He assumed the role of project and development coordinator at Eni Spa when he returned in 1997. He performed this role flawlessly until the year 2000. His primary task at this position was to deal withRoberto Casula numerous business and operational activities that were associated with West African and Middle/Central Asian nations. In three years time, he gained massive experience which led him to become the Technical Services’ Project Manager.

In later stages of 2014, he became the chief development, operations, and technology officer at Eni Spa. He was one of the most significant driving force for the company in Middle East, Central Asia, and African continent. Hence, the organization recognized the talent of Roberto Casula and kept promoting him and higher ranks and offered additional responsibilities that led him to have a successful career.

Why the ratings given to IFCJ matter?

With the advent of Internet technology, it has become quite easy for people to pick the right product and choose the right company to avail the service. The charity organizations are no exemption from it. The donors who want to do some or take part in philanthropic activities are going through the reviews that are left by the people who have already done the charity work or worked with the charitable organization to gain clear insights about their style of working. IFCJ ratingsBy going through the reviews, one can decide whether or not to fund the charity organization. After all, everyone wants their money to serve the purpose. There are a few organizations which are giving rating to the charities. Based on the IFCJ ratings, the donors with kind heard can choose the right charity to donate whatever they can.

The ratings of IFCJ matter a lot. The IFCJ ratings that are given by the third party, independent and charitable review and the information sites of donors will give clear and trustworthy information to the prospective donors who are planning to donate to the firm. This also provides information about the financial health of the charitable organization. In addition, one can learn whether or not the firm is registered with the government and the amount they are donating is tax exempted or not. There are a myriad of sites that would rate the charities. IFCJ ratingsThere include – CharityWatch, CharityNavigator, GiveWell and so on. There is a set criteria on which the ratings are given to the Charities by these organizations.

IFCJ would take the financial liability and good stewardship of the funds donated by the donors. They believe that transparency is the key way to show how gifts are best used to serve the Jews and Israel people across the globe.

IFCJ ratings matter a lot to the donors. They want to know how this charitable organization is functioning and whether the funds transferred are used properly or not.

How to Save Money When You Are Booking the Hotels for Holiday?  

Everything is getting expanded on a global scale in the present times. Different organizations and companies are also not far behind. Travelling around the world has therefore become more of a vocation rather than a vacation. Whenever people are travelling outside, they need to get hold of accommodations to suit their needs. These needs include both monetary as well as time spent in the travels. Different needs are required to be looked after for different people. You need to keep certain things in mind, at least while booking your hotel rooms in order to get the best deals.

Reservations.comChoose the best time

In any sphere of life, timing plays a really crucial part when you try to achieve something. You should not be going out to book tickets for your holiday in the middle of the peak season. You need to keep checking for deals from qua very early point of time. You will not get rooms at affordable prices, if you go out to book them in the last moment. You must plan your travels at a time between the peak and the lull phase. The weather conditions during that time also needs to be fair.

Comparing deals

Most of the people today, go off to the big agencies to get the hotel as well as other bookings done. This is because, these agencies are highly trusted in nature. Reservations.comThere are lots of agencies which provide you with seasonal discounts as well as other amenities. Like, there are many other sites that provide with a plethora of features.

Less prominent locales

Hotels located bang in the middle of tourist attractions, are usually very costly in nature. If you choose to settle down in a place which is walking distance from the attraction, then you will be avoiding unnecessary crowds as well as get rooms at a cheaper price.