About The IFCJ program – Isaiah 58

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews was founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein in the year 1983. They have been part of several helpful projects over the many years of their work to alleviate the hardships faced by Jews all over the world, which has answered a frequent question: Is IFCJ a good charity? These programs have helped IFCJ ratings to be very high. In 2018 the IFCJ rating, as given by the Charity Navigator was three stars.


One such project created by the IFCJ to help the many poverty stricken people living in the states of the former Soviet Union is the Isaiah 58 project. This project is named after the fifty-eighth chapter of the Book of Isaiah in the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament of the Christian Bible.

While doing its job in the former Soviet Union, IFCJ reviews showed that thousands of elderly Soviet Jews lived in shocking poverty. Many were seriously ill, and could not afford medicine. The hardships faced by the orphaned and abandoned children were also dangerous. They were living either on the streets, or in difficult conditions in state-run orphanages.

Isaiah 58 is a charitable project which helps in the process of assisting impoverished elderly Jews and orphaned and abandoned children in the former Soviet Union by providing them with several basic resources like food, clothing, housing, and other necessities which are needed for their survival.ifcj

This is supervised by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. They provides general meals, food packages, meals-on-wheels, home care, medical care and assistance, fuel for heating, clothing, and other basic essentials to more than 200,000 destitute elderly Soviet Jews, and gives Jewish orphans and unprotected street children in the former Soviet Union the necessary treatment they require to survive and to prepare them for a brighter and successful future.