Best Way to Achieve Maximum Efficiency of Urine Detox

What does detox mean and what it actually does? Detox is short name for detoxification which means getting rid of toxins and detox actually cleanse. When we say urine detox, it means cleansing of urine and making it free of toxins. Human body has its natural detoxification process. Urine is the drainage system of our body that automatically eradicates toxins from our body. Thus, we don’t need any detox substance to get rid of toxins. Some foods and drinks that we consume in our everyday life maintain and accelerate this process when body needs. This is a process which is constantly going on in our body as we urinate at frequent intervals.

Why’s need of induced urine detox

When our body can get rid of toxins automatically through urine, then why induced urine detox is needed? Induced urine detox refers to detoxification of urine using some method. The website has reference to some methods that can be used to detox urine and mentions about effectiveness or ineffectiveness of these methods.


These methods are used when someone needs detoxification urgently and in faster way than body can do it innately. The most usual situation is to escape consequences of a drug test and to ensure that a drug- toxicity in the urine is eliminated before the drug test.

Accelerating body’s natural detox process

Body’s natural detoxification process takes usually two to three weeks, but this is too much time when someone is undergoing urine screening and has to pass the drug test. The appropriate method for natural cleaning is detox drink that can work effectively in maximum one week. Faster are detox pills that can accelerate body’s natural detoxification process and can be substituted for detox drink without a harm. However, combination of methods like natural detox with good water intake, good food and exercise and concurrent consumption of detox drink or detox pills can produce best results.