From an Old Book Club to the Jazzy New Online Club

The legacy of the Book of the Month Club that was launched in mid 1920s is a big one. The club that started with some very creative and novel ideas was started by Harry Scherman and was aimed for the middle class people who did not have much access to books and didn’t know what to read. They all would go to the new book club and read books by new authors including Ernest Hemingway. The Book of the Month Club later became a big name in the publishing industry and had about a million members with the collection including history books, cookbooks, art reproductions and records.

The fall of the old club

The Book of the Month Club saw a collapse due to being ignored by its later owners who were all corporate biggies and also due to rise of Amazon that finally led to the demise of the club in 2015. It was at this time that John Lippman an entrepreneur with experience in music rights industry bought interest in this club and decided to revamp the club to make it creative and relevant again.


Re-launching the club with a change in the Business Model

The business model was streamlined by John Lippman and re-launched by end of 2015. The club went on a digital platform and the new business model that makes the members pick any of 5 hardcover books with fees just $14.99 every month took popularity. Thus the old book club turned into a new age subscription service that was digital and social at the same time

John Lippman formed the new club is as per the new demographic and aims at the Instagram generation which is a core part of BOTMs marketing. The Instagram page has about 300,000 followers who are introduced to the new pictures of the titles that are available. This has helped bring many teenagers and millennial back to reading and discussion books.