IFCJ Ratings and the Factors Which Influence It

You might be thinking what can ratings do to a concern? Why we have to think much about the matters of indulging in good feedback? It is of much importance when you considering a society which has acclaimed international figures. IFCJ is fellowship program where the main aim of the society is to help the people in need. This has substantially increased their IFCJ ratings.

IFCJ ratingsWhat is main aim of the fellowship program?

The fellowship program has the main criteria to help the Jews who have taken refuge in Israel. They had taken shelter in 1990s when they escaped from Soviet Union states. The society aims to build up  ties between the Christians and Jews who are deprived of the basic needs.

The society aims to provide international help and support to the Jews and Christians. In the pioneering years, the founder started to collect money through television statements, seminars and public awareness. The IFCJ ratings has always aimed to develop the committee by gathering the public support.

Why the society is so important in these days?

IFCJ ratingsThe position of Jews is not up to the mark. But the wealthy Christians have always reached to help these Jews in need. They help them with money, support and everything necessary in daily life. They have come up with this initiative to help erradicate poverty in Jews and follow the footsteps of rabbi. The main aim of Yechiel Eckstein is to help the people especially the Jews and Christians who are in earnest need of money.

Now the society and the adjoining fellowship is flourishing under the leadership of the daughter of rabbi. Yale Eckstein have turned out to be a great leader and controller of huge mob. His leadership qualities and the ability to control the huge sections of society has helped increase the IFCJ ratings.