Open Heart Surgery Versus Minimally Invasive Surgery

You concern is genuine when a surgeon suggests cardiac surgery for your loved one. This is a complex surgical procedure that carries a risk of fatality. This was the scenario of heart surgery long time back, but new procedures and use of technology advancements have changed minds of people about heart surgery. The advent of minimally invasive surgery has eliminated the fear of cardiac surgery. People have welcomed initially bypass surgery, but great welcome was offered to a minimally invasive technique. Though you doctor is the best judge to decide right course of action, yet a cardiac surgeon like Roberto Casula always makes preference to minimally invasive surgery.roberto casula

Open-heart surgery vs minimally invasive surgery

Why minimally invasive surgery is preferred? In open-heart surgery, a 6-8-inch incision is made in the chest to perform surgical cardiac procedure. The opening of heart provides access to a heart and its related structures. The heart may not be opened, but a heart-lung machine does the work of heart during entire surgical procedure. Minimally invasive surgery requires one or more button-size holes through ribs to access the heart and to perform the surgical procedure. Dr. Roberto Casula has performed over 135 minimally invasive cardiac surgeries including robotic cardiac surgeries. The success rate is very high in this procedure.roberto casula

Which is best: Open heart surgery or minimally invasive surgery

Why Dr. Roberto Casula prefers minimally invasive surgery? consider aspects such as pain, infection risk, hospital stay, recovery time, and scarring after surgery. Everything is greatly reduced in minimally invasive surgery compared to open-heart surgery. Robotic surgery is most advanced form of minimally invasive surgery, but all minimally invasive surgeries are not robotic. It is for the cardio surgeon to decide which minimal invasive procedure is appropriate for a patient, but this technique is definitely effective for coronary bypass, valve surgery and aneurysm repair. The benefits of minimally invasive surgery can’t be ignored. This technique will definitely help thousands of heart patients needing surgical treatment.