The Common Problems Faced by Black Americans

When there is slavery, you cannot expect freedom, similarly, where there is freedom, there cannot be any form of slavery. Abraham Lincoln the former President of the United States was a vocal opponent of slavery. frocentric.comHe gave many awakening speeches against the discriminations of black immigrants and African Americans and fought for their equal rights as well. Although the anti-slavery activism and movement started decades ago, yet they are still in practice.

A survey shows that the imprisonment rate for African American female is twice than that of white females. In addition, they have 6% high risks of getting imprisoned and also their period of servicing behind the jail is also longer. This is not the statistic report of the past rather with improvised modern America.  In order to bring awareness of these problems, many organizations and event marketplaces like often conduct awakening events that deal with the problems and challenges faced by the black communities, their achievements in the society, their role in various industries and many more.

Some of the problems faced by black American and African Americans

  • Fatherless child – One of the major problems faced by the black communities is the children raised in frocentric.comthe absence of a father. These children lack the sense of discipline and protection which only a father can provide. So, the children raised under these conditions are often lacking confidence and hesitant to boldly face the society.
  • False narratives of the community – When you think about black, the immediate things that come in your mind is they are tough and rude personalities. Even when people migrate to different places, they don’t prefer living in the midst of the black community because of the horrible narratives they have heard before about them. In fact, many of them are narratives are not true.