Using Pantothenic Acid in Acne Treatments

There are many acne treatments that use pantothenic acid. Also known as Vitamin B5, pantothenic acid has actually been around as far as scientific literature is concerned.

This is not exactly an unknown biochemical compound. Scientists have known about its effect on the skin as well as on general health for quite some time.

A lot of manufacturers as well as dermatologists are looking at this compound as a viable Accutane alternative.

As you probably already know, if you are suffering from acne and have been looking for a heavy duty solution, Accutane is probably the solution of last resort for most dermatologists. It isn’t hard to figure out why. Accutane causes birth defects as well as other health issues.

Its side effects are nothing to sneeze at. It is no surprise that if given other Accutane alternatives, dermatologists and other health care workers would rather recommend those alternatives to their patients.

Pantothenic acid is one of those alternative recommendations. This is an amazing option because it helps alleviate acne by reducing the size of the skin’s oil glands.

This is a big deal because as you probably already know, the reason why you are having issues with acne in the first place is because your skin is producing too much oil. When your skin does this, your pores get clogged, and it’s only a matter of time until those blocked pores get infected. They get red, irritated and itchy, and then all of a sudden this spreads to other parts of your skin. Before you know it, you have yourself a red, inflamed, nasty mess.

Pantothenic acid pretty much preempts the problem by reducing the size of your oil glands. Your skin will be unable to produce the same amount of cbd oils as before.

Using pantothenic acid on your skin also has the additional benefit of reducing the size of your pores. If you think that you look unattractive because of the big pores on your skin, pantothenic acid may be the solution.

But the best part to all of this is that since it is a naturally occurring compound, pantothenic acid is not unnatural. It is not synthetic, it is not man-made, and it isn’t something that is foreign to your system. Your body already knows how to handle this compound.

As a result, it’s a great alternative to tried and proven skin compounds like isotretinoin because it helps maintain your sebum levels naturally. If you are looking to maximize sebum control, pantothenic acid should be one of your first choices.

Now, interestingly enough, Vitamin B5 can be had from food. You don’t have to buy pantothenic acid tablets, at least not as a first choice. You can get this compound by simply eating royal jelly, yoghurt, avocados, whole grains and meat.