Wealth Needs Happiness Together

Development Simultaneously

Every country and community wants to achieve the progression, as per the working and trading capacities of the economy. This was well explained by Yael Eckstein, taking all the communities together for the better results in the development of all the sectors of the country. She tried to raise the concept of equality, among the existing groups and people. That would act as an eye opener for them and result in the all-around growth, in future also. She never favored any specific community growth, instead offered remedies to all of the participants in the society.

Yael Eckstein

Enhanced Experience

With the efforts and plannings implemented by Yael Eckstein, the scenario and the condition of the Jewish community have changed a lot. That has brought unexpected changes, in the stream of growth. As the changes were never expected by someone, who was not into the active system of the communities. She is the President of the International Fellowship of Christians And Jews, who worked beyond her limits to make a difference in the lives of the weak and suffering communities. She has taken her father’s dream forward and worked with more enthusiasm and energy, continuously.

Yael Eckstein has presented her thought process and opinion, in front of the world through international conferences and programs. That offered her an unbeatable platform to present her views and the reality, which is happening with the stressed communities.Yael Eckstein

She not only raised her voice to make people aware but also raised a lot of donations and financial support for the groups who are in urgent need of economical sources to meet their day to day requirements. Her level of work can easily be measured with the fact, that people from across the globe started doing charity for the cause she specified publicly.